Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversions Ahoy Update! Thanks to everyone who has pushed the 'Your First Hour is on the House' promotion. We have had fantastic feedback on the conversions of this promotion and as a result, we have added the promo to the front page of Casino Classic. This means that if you would prefer to use the regular Casino Classic linking code to send players to the promotion, you can! To find the linking code, just scroll down to Casino Classic in the 'Linking Code' section of the affiliate website. You can still use the old linking code which can be found at the very top of the "Linking Code" page in the affiliate site. To find banners, visit the "Linking Code" page and click the link next to the code that says "View Banners w/Linking Code". You can also click directly on "Banners", go down to Casino Classic and click "View All". You can also promote the old linking code with "Free $500". Just change the end of your linking code to &url=free500.asp

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