First Winners Announced at Casino Rewards $10 Million Giveaway

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are you a part of the Casino Rewards 10 Million Dollar Giveaway? Casino Rewards is celebrating 10 years of making winners and has decided that the best way to celebrate is to give back to their loyal players - all 6 million of them! are trying to give away $10 million in 10 weeks. A $10 million thermometer shows just how much has been given away to date, with it currently pushing $3.5 million after only 3 weeks! The more players are willing to play, the more Casino Rewards will be sharing out - at this rate they will reach their target before the 10 weeks are out!

To help them reach the $10 million faster, Casino Rewards is running a Progressive Draw that gives players another way to win more bonus money. Each week, Casino Rewards are taking a percentage of all casino chips purchased and placing it in a massive Jackpot Pool. Then every Tuesday at midnight GMT the draw takes place. Every ticket wins something, with the top prize tier rewarding one player $16,000 in the first week.

"See, it can be done" said D.T., a loyal member of since its creation in 2000.

Anyone can join for free at and learn more about what gambling enthusiasts have dubbed the biggest online money giveaway ever!

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