Over $14 Million Given Away!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 January 2011 marks the end of what many have labeled the biggest free money giveaway in Internet history.

10 weeks ago award winning online casino group celebrated their 10th anniversary by unveiling the $10 Million Giveaway. The aim was ambitious: to give away $10 million to all players via a range of bonuses and offers that would span over 10 weeks. Everyone who took part in the promotion was guaranteed to win something, meaning that the more people involved, the faster the $10 million goal would be reached.

After only 7 weeks it was clear that the popularity of the promotion had been underestimated, with the entire $10 million sum having been distributed to over 40,000 players.

Not to disappoint, announced that they would continue to pay out bonuses in excess of $10 million until the end of the 10 week promotion. Today, the total amount given away was revealed to be an incredible $14,565,989!

"Well, we've given out almost 50% more than we were planning to... but we're delighted to see how many players took part in this epic promotion - our biggest yet! We hope it's given our players a great start to 2011, and we look forward to announcing our next big giveaway soon!" - C.Leigh,

Whilst the $10 Million Giveaway is now officially over, the public can still sign up for free at any of the 19 popular online casinos on offer at and cash in on their generous sign up offers and bonus giveaways.

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