Rewards Affiliates Casino Domain Parking

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rewards Affiliates Casino Domain Parking

Turn your unused domains into your share of the casinos profit!

     We all have unused domains for a variety of reasons. Typically we take our unused domains and allocate them to a traditional domain parking solution. What does this do? When somebody types in one of your unused domains they get a page full of links. When a user clicks on that link, you get paid. Better than letting the domain just sit there, right? now offers you an alternative.

     This unique tool will allow you to make the most from those unused gaming domains. What will it do for me? Instead of displaying a page full of links that when clicked only yield around $0.03 - this solution will redirect that type-in traffic to one of our casinos or poker rooms ...

WITH YOUR AFFILIATE TRACKING CODE! have now positioned yourself to earn 35% of the profit from that traffic instead of that $0.03.


You can now select which casino or poker room you want to point your domains to!
To do this, you just select the Casino or Poker room from the drop down list in the submit form. So, add all your Casino and Poker domains ... then choose which of our casinos or poker rooms you would like people to be sent to when they visit your site! You can change your domains between casino domain parking and poker domain parking via our domain parking manager later, if necessary. You can still choose a random casino or poker site. Just choose Random Casino Site or Random Poker Site from the drop down list.

How do I get started?

There are two (2) steps.

1. You simply set your primary and secondary DNS servers to:

You need to contact your domain registrar (ex: to do this.

2. Enter all your unused casino or poker domains in the text area below (separated by a new line/line feed), for example:

Select an option of Casino, Poker or Random  from the drop down list

Then hit submit. [ more information below ]

How quickly will it start to work?

There are two parts to this process.

  • The part we can control which is automatically done when you submit the domain parking form.
  • Second part, is how quickly the DNS settings update on your domain. DNS can take up to 48 hours to propagate around the internet. Normally it is between 12-24 hours, but is dependant on your domain registrar. The idea being that once your new DNS settings ( & take hold, it will work!

Keep in mind, you still control your domain, so you are responsible to change the name servers. If you ever decide to use the domains in the future, just change the DNS servers back to your host - no risk to you at all!

Interested? Need more info? Some help setting this up?
Why not email myself or Yaniv and let us know!

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