New Wager Model Now Available

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Wager Model Now Available
While most people would already know about the new stats system from our 'Special Edition Newsletter" yesterday, we have had many questions regarding the system that we would like to answer for everyone...

The new system involves the commission based on player wagering and NOT on player loss. This means that you no longer have to worry about sharing in an online casinos' profits. This may sooth some concerns.

This also means that instead of losing your commission for one casino because a player has won big, instead you stand to make more money because there is the potential of that player betting even more since they now have more money to play with because they won, and they will have the thought that they may win again. So if they keep winning, your money continues to grow, and does NOT go down, or in the negative. It's impossible for your commission to get in the negative with the new model because your commission is not based on the player wins/losses. An example of this is if you have a negative amount at a casino right now, say Zodiac Casino, because someone has won (for the example we will say $1000), this commission will be positive on the wagering model. You will no longer be negative $1000 but positive. And the commission you have is guaranteed at a minimum. Your commission cannot go lower than what it is when you change over.

The best thing about this system is that we are now able to provide you player level stats. This means you can target certain countries and currencies, as well as certain game types and occupations to maximize your earning potential. You can see when your player registered, the dates of their first and last bets, their wager value and your earnings. Is this model more or less profitable than the old model? Since it's meant to be about the same, but without the risk of going backwards when your players win, it should be more profitable on an annual basis. But you might have a month or two during the year which would have been higher on the old model. The new model will make your earnings more predictable and reliable.

The new stats system includes the following features:

>> True 35% Commission for all affiliates

>> Player Level Stats - Detailed information on your stats

>> No negatives... Ever!

>> Predictable Earnings - Instead of earnings fluxuating with player wins and losses, this commission
     formula is based on your players playing. Since you don't have to worry about them winning or
     losing, your monthly earnings will be much more consistant.

>> Cheer for your players - now you can hope for your players to play and win! Much better than
     hoping they lose, huh?

>> Intelligent Design - Fast Layouts

>> Facelift of RA Member Section Screen shots have been put out so that everyone can see the
     fantastic new system. They can be found here.

For more information on this fantastic new system, click here.

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