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Friday, January 8, 2010

The domain parking stats are now available on Once you've logged in look under the 'Marketing Tools' menu for 'Domain Parking Stats'.

The default view is the current year, and the current month:
2006, August
26 - xx clicks
27 - yy clicks
28 - zz clicks

You can see it's listing off the total clicks for each day for all your domains... if you want to get the breakdown by domain just tick the 'By Domain' checkbox. Then it will show you each domain's clicks for the given period.

2006, August
Domain1 - xx clicks
Domain2 - yy clicks

You can modify the date period for the stats, so if you say 'All Years'

It will show you how many clicks all your domains achieved each year

2006 - XXXXX clicks
2007 - YYYYY clicks

It's all really simple once you get in and have a play with it. I've just set it live, so please let me know if something blows up :)

Also, you should know that it's just started counting clicks since about a week ago. If you need click data on any domain previous to then you'll have to email me.

Finally, I've integrated it with the domain parking manager (where you select where each domain 'points to'). You'll notice a little chart looking icon next to each domain... you can click that to get stats on that specific domain.

Here is a preview of what the stats look like:

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