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Friday, January 8, 2010

With all the hype about the new bill passing in the US, we have been working behind the scenes to create more tools for you to get more players in the door. We have added 3 new marketing tools for you to use this week.

Progressive Jackpot Tickers
Show your players how high the progressive jackpots are with the Progressive Jackpot Tickers. When your players see how much money they may win if they play, it will be too hard to resist the games. These babies are now available here.

ScrollBar Banners
Give your players a choice of all 12 casinos when they visit your site. This marketing tool will keep your players hooked on your site for longer, waiting for the next offer. You can find the scrollbar banners with a black or white background here. If you'd like a different background color, email us the hex value and we'll make it up for you!

Color Chart
Been wracking your brain trying to find the code of that color you have longed to have as your websites font color? Search no more! We now have a color chart where you can simply click the color you're looking for, and the code and hex value will be displayed for you to copy and paste! Find the color chart here.

If there are any problems with these tools, please send us an email. ENJOY!

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