New Search Creatives Function now has Pre-Set Searches

Friday, January 8, 2010

As you all know, we are continually updating our members area to make it easier for affiliates to obtain the marketing tools and information they need. That's why we have taken the new Search Creatives function to the next level... We have added Pre-Set Searches. This means you no longer have to retype keywords that may not retrieve the results you're looking for. Instead, click the drop down menu and choose from one of the Pre-set Searches that we provide for your convenience. These searches will be regularly updated as new games become available, new promotional banners become available, and seasonal banners come into play.

This function proves to be an asset to the banner farm and I am sure that all affiliates will love to use it.

For the specifics:

If you make a selection from the 'Pre-Set Searches' drop down menu, it will override any other options you submit (like keyword and casino).

However, once you select a preset search ... then submit ... it will automatically fill in the keywords and the casino and show you the results... Now if you want to further refine the search just leave the preset down box alone and use the normal form input fields to modify the search.

and finally, if you don't want to use the pre-set search box ... just leave it on the default "Enter your keyword OR select one of these..." ... and it will ignore that field.

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