Attention All Affiliates on Wire With a European Bank Account

Friday, January 8, 2010


Our processors have come to us further with certain details needed for processing. Without these details your future payments will NOT be sent. Please log into your affiliate account and change these details ASAP so that the next lot of affiliate commissions will be a smooth process...

The detail needed at this time is IBAN Number (European Wire Accounts Only). When you log in you will find a field to enter this number and an example next to the field of what the number may look like.

An easier option to this is Moneybookers.

Moneybookers allows you to transfer money directly to your wire details and is available to most, if not all, of Europe. Because they use different processors to ours, they may not require the same information that we do, which cuts down on errors from our processors eventuating in you not receiving your money on time.

By changing to MoneyBookers you get your payment promptly and since the transaction is free on our side, you no longer pay a fee from your affiliate commissions to be paid via wire. That's an extra $30 in your pocket every month!

To get a MoneyBookers account, please go to
To receive payments via MoneyBookers, please log into the affiliate site and go to your profile to select MoneyBookers. All you need is the email address linked to your MoneyBookers account.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me :)

Thanks for your cooperation

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